License and Support


LGPL-3.0 logo

Flux-core is licensed under LGPL-3.0 which means project forks must retain the same license and follow the license's requirements for making source code available to end users.

Software that merely uses flux-core's APIs may be independently licensed.


All flux-core issues and changes are proposed and discussed on Github. The team values openness and inclusivity and encourages collaboration. Engage with us!

If you have a problem that might be a flux-core bug, please first search existing issues, then open a new Github issue if necessary. Be sure to include relevant context and especially the flux version that is exhibiting the problem:

$ flux version
commands:             0.54.0
libflux-core:         0.54.0
libflux-security:     0.10.0
build-options:        +systemd+hwloc==2.4.0+zmq==4.3.4

Github discussions are sometimes useful too.

Development Commitment

At this time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has a team of four full time employees working on flux-core, and several additional employees and collaborators working on the broader Flux Framework and related research areas. LLNL is committed to making Flux a production quality tool for HPC workload management, and has sustained its investment for over a decade thus far.

Flux is part of the TOSS operating system and thus is supported across multiple U.S. national laboratory facilities.

The Flux team welcomes all users and contributors to the Flux community and will do its best enable the community to grow and thrive.