The Flux resource service provides an interface to the scheduler for acquiring instance resources. It accepts some configuration, especially useful in the Flux system instance where resources must be known before all brokers are online.

The resource table may contain the following keys:



(optional) Set the path to an RFC 20 (R version 1) resource description which defines the resources available to the system. If undefined, resources are determined either by dynamic discovery, or by information passed from the enclosing Flux instance. The flux R utility may be used to generate this file.


(optional) An array of resource config entries used as an alternative to a R object configured by resource.path. Each array entry must contain a hosts key in RFC 29 Hostlist Format which configures the list of hosts to which the rest of the entry applies. The entry may also contain cores and/or gpus keys which configure the set of core ids and GPU ids (in RFC 22 idset form) available on the targeted hosts, or a properties key which is an array of property strings to assign to hosts. It is not an error to list a host multiple times, instead each entry updates hosts. If the config array exists, then any path is ignored.


hosts = "test[1-100]"
cores = "0-7"

hosts = "test[1,2]"
gpus = "0-1"

hosts = "test[1-89]"
properties = ["batch"]

hosts = "test[90-100]"
properties = ["debug"]

(optional) A string value that defines one or more nodes to withhold from scheduling, either in RFC 22 idset form, or in RFC 29 hostlist form.

If a drained node is subsequently excluded, the drain state of the node is cleared since nodes cannot be both excluded and drained.


(optional) Disable restricting of the loaded HWLOC topology XML to the current cpu affinity mask of the Flux broker. This option should be used when the Flux system instance is constrained to a subset of cores, but jobs run within this instance should have access to all cores.


(optional) If true, disable the draining of nodes when there is a discrepancy between configured resources and HWLOC-probed resources.

Note that updates to the resource table are ignored until the next Flux restart.


path = "/etc/flux/system/R"
exclude = "test[3,108]"
norestrict = true


Flux: http://flux-framework.org

Flux RFC: https://flux-framework.readthedocs.io/projects/flux-rfc


22/Idset String Representation

29/Hostlist Format