#include <flux/core.h>
#include <flux/jobtap.h>

flux_t *flux_jobtap_get_flux (flux_plugin_t *p);

int flux_jobtap_service_register (flux_plugin_t *p,
                                  const char *method,
                                  flux_msg_handler_f cb,
                                  void *arg);

int flux_jobtap_reprioritize_all (flux_plugin_t *p);

int flux_jobtap_reprioritize_job (flux_plugin_t *p,
                                  flux_jobid_t id,
                                  unsigned int priority);

int flux_jobtap_priority_unavail (flux_plugin_t *p,
                                  flux_plugin_arg_t *args);

int flux_jobtap_reject_job (flux_plugin_t *p,
                            flux_plugin_arg_t *args,
                            const char *fmt,

Link with -lflux-core.


These interfaces are used by Flux jobtap plugins which are used to extend the job manager broker module.

flux_jobtap_get_flux() returns the job manager's Flux handle given the plugin's flux_plugin_t. This can be used by a jobtap plugin to send RPCs, schedule timer watchers, or other asynchronous work.

flux_jobtap_service_register() registers a service name method under the job manager which will be handled by the provided message handler cb. The constructed service name will be job-manager.<name>.<method> where name is the name of the plugin as returned by flux_plugin_get_name(). As such, this call may fail if the jobtap plugin has not yet set a name for itself using flux_plugin_set_name().

flux_jobtap_reprioritize_all() requests that the job manager begin reprioritization of all pending jobs, i.e. jobs in the PRIORITY and SCHED states. This will result on each job having a job.priority.get callback invoked on it.

flux_jobtap_reprioritize_job() allows a jobtap plugin to asynchronously assign the priority of a job.

flux_jobtap_priority_unavail() is a convenience function which may be used by a plugin in the job.state.priority priority callback to indicate that a priority for the job is not yet available. It can be called as:

return flux_jobtap_priority_unavail (p, args);

flux_jobtap_reject_job() is a convenience function which may be used by a plugin from the job.validate callback to reject a job before its submission is fully complete. The error and optional message supplied in fmt will be returned to the originating job submission request. This function returns -1 so that it may be conveniently called as:

return flux_jobtap_reject_job (p, args,
                               "User exceeded %d jobs",


flux_jobtap_get_flux() returns a flux_t handle on success. NULL is returned with errno set to EINVAL if the supplied flux_plugin_t argument is not a jobtap plugin handle.

flux_jobtap_reject_job() always returns -1 so that it may be used to exit the job.validate callback.

The remaining functions return 0 on success, -1 on failure.


Flux: http://flux-framework.org

Flux RFC: https://flux-framework.readthedocs.io/projects/flux-rfc