flux event COMMAND [OPTIONS]


Flux events are messages that are broadcast throughout the Flux instance with publish/subscribe semantics. Each event message has a topic string and an optional payload.

Subscriptions are by topic string. A subscription topic of length N matches an event if the first N characters of the event topic are identical to that of the subscription. For example the event topic a.b.c is matched by the subscription topic a.b.c, a.b, or a. A subscription to the empty string matches all events.


pub [-r] [-l] [-s] [-p] topic [payload]

Publish an event with optional payload. If payload is specified, it is interpreted as raw if the -r option is used, otherwise it is interpreted as JSON. If the payload spans multiple arguments, the arguments are concatenated with one space between them. If -s is specified, wait for the event's sequence number to be assigned before exiting. If -l is specified, subscribe to the published event and wait for it to be received before exiting. -p causes the privacy flag to be set on the published event.

sub [-c N] [topic] [topic…​]

Subscribe to events matching the topic string(s) provided on the command line. If none are specified, subscribe to all events. If -c N is specified, print the first N events on stdout and exit; otherwise continue printing events until a signal is received. Events are displayed one per line: the topic string, followed by a tab, followed by the payload, if any.


Flux: http://flux-framework.org