flux jobtap COMMAND [OPTIONS] ARGS...


The flux-jobtap(1) command is used to query, load, and remove jobtap plugins from the Flux job-manager module at runtime.


list [-a, --all]
Print the currently loaded list of plugins. Builtin plugins will only be displayed when the --all option is used. Plugins built in to the job manager have a leading . in the name, e.g. .priority-default.
load [-r, --remove=NAME] PLUGIN [KEY=VAL, KEY=VAL...]
Load a new plugin into the job-manager, optionally removing plugin NAME first. With --remove NAME may be a glob(7) pattern match. Optional KEY=VAL occurring after PLUGIN will set config KEY to VAL for PLUGIN.
remove NAME
Remove plugin NAME. NAME may be a glob(7) pattern in which case all matching, non-builtin plugins are removed. The special value all may be used to remove all loaded jobtap plugins. Builtin plugins (those starting with a leading .) must be removed explicitly or by preceding NAME with ., e.g. .*.