flux proxy [OPTIONS] URI [command [args...]]


flux proxy connects to the Flux instance identified by URI, then spawns a shell with FLUX_URI pointing to a local:// socket managed by the proxy program. As long as the shell is running, the proxy program routes messages between the instance and the local:// socket. Once the shell terminates, the proxy program terminates and removes the socket.

The purpose of flux proxy is to allow a connection to be reused, for example where connection establishment has high latency or requires authentication.


-f, --force
Allow the proxy command to connect to a broker running a different version of Flux with a warning message instead of a fatal error.


Connect to a job running on the localhost which has a FLUX_URI of local:///tmp/flux-123456-abcdef/0/local and spawn an interactive shell:

$ flux proxy local:///tmp/flux-123456-abcdef/0/local

Connect to the same job remotely on host foo.com:

$ flux proxy ssh://foo.com/tmp/flux-123456-abcdef/0/local