flux pgrep [OPTIONS] expression..

flux pkill [OPTIONS] expression..


flux pgrep lists jobids that match a supplied expression. The expression may contain a pattern which matches the job name, or a range of jobids in the form jobid1..jobid2. If both a pattern and jobid range are supplied then both must match.

In rare cases, a pattern may appear to be a jobid range, when the pattern .. is used and the strings on both sides area also valid Flux jobids. In that case, a name pattern match can be forced by prefixing the pattern with name:, e.g. name:fr..123.

By default, only active jobs for the current user are considered.

flux pkill cancels matching jobs instead of listing them.



Include jobs in all states, including inactive jobs. This is shorthand for --filter=pending,running,inactive. (pgrep only)


Include jobs for all users. This is shorthand for --user=-all.

-u, --user=USER

Fetch jobs only for the given user, instead of the current UID.

-f, --filter=STATE|RESULT

Include jobs with specific job state or result. Multiple states or results can be listed separated by comma. See the JOB STATUS section of the flux-jobs(1) manual for more detail.

-q, --queue=QUEUE

Only include jobs in the named queue QUEUE.

-c, --count=N

Limit output to the first N matches (default 1000).


Limit the number of jobs to consider to N entries (default 1000).

-o, --format=NAME|FORMAT

Specify a named output format NAME or a format string using Python's format syntax. An alternate default format can be set via the FLUX_PGREP_FORMAT_DEFAULT environment variable. For full documentation of this option, including supported field names and format configuration options, see :man1:flux-jobs. This command shares configured named formats with flux-jobs by reading flux-jobs configuration files. Supported builtin named formats include default, full, long, and deps. The default format emits the matched jobids only. (pgrep only)

-n, --no-header

Suppress printing of the header line. (pgrep only)

-w, --wait

Wait for jobs to finish after cancel. (pkill only)



One or more jobs matched the supplied expression. For pkill the process have also been successfully canceled.


No jobs matched or there was an error canceling them.


Syntax or other command line error.


Flux: http://flux-framework.org

Flux RFC: https://flux-framework.readthedocs.io/projects/flux-rfc